Today is a new day full of opportunity!

Embrace the opportunity to pause, breathe, and notice what is right around you.  











We offer coaching supported by the wisdom of the Enneagram, allowing you the opportunity to understand the unique strengths you hold. Become more aware of your deeper motivations and longings, gaining perspective and new tools allowing you to lead from your most authentic self. The Enneagram is founded in ancient traditions and brought forward in a modern and fresh approach to help you make profound breakthroughs in your life.  

We all face unexpected challenges that can make work/life balance elusive to most; this is an opportunity to move the needle towards increased capacity. Embrace the opportunity to be supported to learn and become aware at the levels of your motivation. Now is your time to intentionally take time to learn and cultivate practices that can help you connect more deeply to your heart, mind, and soul. 

Dwell in Peace is a Christian spiritual formation retreat center and Enneagram teaching and coaching center in the heart of Pacific Beach, San Diego, California.