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The Enneagram is the most exposing and revealing personality typology you will ever encounter because it’s not just trying to explain what you do on the outside. Instead, it’s telling you why you think, feel, and behave from the inside. It reveals to you your core motivations and offers you a guide to get out of the boxes we all find ourselves in.

Enneagram Coaching

Introductory Enneagram Coaching with Mary Linam

In a series of seven appointments, you will grow in understanding your unique Enneagram type. 

Session One- Typing Interview

I will conduct a typing interview with you and help you discover your type or confirm your type if you believe you know it.

Session Two – Understanding Your Type

You will gain an understanding of the core motivations of your type. You will learn about your growth path as well as your stress path. You will discover possible blind spots based on your strengths and strategies.

Session Three- Wings

There are types on either side of your type that can bring a nuance to you and your motivations. You will explore and understand more of how this influences you.

Session Four- Subtypes

There are three subtypes that are present in each Enneagram type, Social, One to One and Self Preservation. You will discover your subtype during this session.

Session Five- Childhood Patterns

With an increased awareness of how your energy and motivation are at work you will take time to look deeper at patterns that were established in your childhood. Often these direct you more than you realize and now you will have the added support of the Enneagram to work with these.

Session Six- Relationships

Learn more about how you enter into relationships. You will see how your type may bring energy that supports or makes relationships more difficult.

Session Seven- Going Deeper

You will look at how your work with the Enneagram has been supporting, challenging, and inviting you deeper.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length. The sessions are ideally scheduled every two weeks to allow you time for reflection before moving into the next topic. You will receive worksheets at the conclusion of each session to study. You will also receive individual personalized suggestions based on what arose in your session.