Introduction to the Enneagram (Online)
January 14- February 11 2021

4:00pm-5:30pm PST


The 5-week cohort, Introduction to the Enneagram Course, will be a perfect place to start if you are new to the Enneagram and want to have a better idea of how the system can be used for your own growth and understanding. If you are already familiar with the Enneagram you will continue to learn and engage with community around it. 

How can the Enneagram be a powerful tool in your personal development? It is more accurately a character test than a personality test. Rather than placing you and others in a box and saying that is what you are like and what you are good at, the Enneagram offers you help to understand how to break out of the boxes you or others put you in.

The Enneagram will-

  • Allow you to understand what motives you have that run under the surface

  • Show you how to lean into what is powerful and important about your type

  • You will learn how to engage in practices to bring a healthy balance in all 3 of your Intelligence centers (Mind, Heart, and Body)

  • You will gain a new perspective and compassion for yourself and those around you that lead from a different type

  • It will serve you as a lifelong tool to ground and center you in your truest self

Week 1-  Overview of the Enneagram system 
Week 2-  Body Center- Types 8, 9, 1
Week 3-  Heart Center- Types 2, 3, 4
Week 4-  Mind Center- Types 5, 6, 7
Week 5-  Subtypes, Next steps, and Q and A

Each week will include handouts, class participation, and break-out rooms for smaller group discussions.